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Two patents!

We are delighted to announce that our company has recently filed for two patents with China Patent Office: a Microbial cultivation system and an Integrated composition analysis system. These production-proven cutting-edge technologies will significantly enhance our upstream and downstream processes capability, making our production more efficient and cost-effective while ensuring the high quality of our biomass products. The microbial cultivation system is a modular bioreactor set-up designed to optimize the growth of axenic (contamination-free) microorganisms in mixotrophic, heterotrophic, and autotrophic growth conditions for human consumption at high productivity and lower cost. The integrated composition analysis system is a highly efficient, cost-effective extraction system that allows for the simultaneous extraction of multiple target analytes from a single microalgae dry biomass with high accuracy and short cycle time. We are excited about the possibilities these patents will bring to our company and the food technology industry as a whole. We will keep our customers and stakeholders updated on the progress of these patents and the impact they will have on our product offering. For more information regarding the details of these patents, the licensing options, and collaboration agreements, please send us an email at



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