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Patent approval for our Integrated Composition Analysis System!

We are excited to share that our company has successfully obtained Chinese patent approval for our integrated composition analysis system - CN219231481U!

The newly developed extraction system significantly improves downstream processing capabilities, offering a compact and efficient solution for extracting valuable compounds from microalgae. With controlled extraction, easy assembly, filtration, and drying features, it enables high efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Simultaneous extraction of multiple analytes from a single microalgae sample improves accuracy and reduces cycle time.

The rapid downstream processing capability perfectly complements our patented modular bioreactor setup that optimizes the growth of contaminant-free microorganisms, resulting in exceptional quality biomass production at a fraction of traditional costs. These proven technologies enhance both our upstream and downstream processes, ensuring efficient, cost-effective production and consistent product quality. These group of patents have opened up another market front and will positively impact our future business

The microalgae market is poised for significant growth, with projections reaching billions of dollars in the coming years. Microalgae are rich in valuable compounds, making them highly sought after in food, nutraceutical, and cosmetics sectors. Increasing demand for microalgae-based products, driven by environmental sustainability, climate change mitigation, and the search for alternative and nutritious food sources, is driving market expansion. Geb Impact Technology Co. is well position in providing the right product and services.

If you wish to delve into the details of the patent, explore licensing options, or discuss potential collaboration agreements, we warmly encourage you to contact us via email at


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24 feb.

It would significantly reduce operating cost, it would also reduce funding need of manufacturing assets investment. A larger capacity would be achieved by the same machines, so less equipment is needed.

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