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About Us

Geb Impact Technology Company Limited is a Hong Kong based premium biotechnology company in the business of cultivating selected micro algae. We engineer and design production processes to meet emerging healthy lifestyle market demands.

​With experience in advanced manufacturing and global marketing, we put forth a whole new paradigm by transferring the know-how in precision engineering and manufacturing technology to micro algae production.

Our Goal

Geb Impact produces and promotes application of high-value bioactive elements from micro algae to serve various industries, including skin care, cosmetics and culinary sectors.

We strive to execute the Sustainable Green Industrial Concept to accomplish goals of energy saving and carbon reduction.


We developed our own proprietary algal cultivation process in a sustainable and economically viable manner.

Our experienced technical team has successfully cultivated Chlorella vulgaris, Haematococcus Pluvialis and Euglena Gracilis within our well-equipped laboratory.


We will continue to work closely with commercial and academic institutes worldwide to stay at the forefront of the algae industry.

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