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Congratulations to our research team for publishing in Algal Research!

We are happy to share that our research paper titled ‘Medium and process optimizations for Euglena gracilis with high biomass production enriched with protein’, focused on our patent-pending optimization of the cultivation of Euglena microalgae, has been accepted for publication in the prestigious journal Algal Research.

Our work exhibits an effective method for producing high-protein (>50% dry basis) Euglena biomass with increased productivity (50–68 g/L) in a shorter cultivation time. This can increase production efficiency and reduce operational costs, which is crucial for commercial applications.

Research team of Geb Impact Technology published a paper in Algal Research
Paper published in Algal Research

With better digestibility than Spirulina and Chlorella, high-protein Euglena biomass holds significant value across multiple industries, including food and animal feed production, as it represents a sustainable and nutrient-rich protein source capable of contributing to the mitigation of food insecurity challenges. We would like to express our gratitude to the entire team for their dedication and hard work in bringing this research to fruition. For more information regarding the research paper, our patents, licensing options, and collaboration agreements, please send us an email at #microalgae #biotech #altprotein #foodtech #technology #sustainability #futureoffood



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