!! 2 New Photobioreactors

We are proud to announce the successful installation of 2 new reactor systems, Phyco-Lift and Phyco-Pyxis, in our Sheung Shui Pilot site in mid October.

Confident with Varicon Aqua and SCHOTT drive the development of tubular #photobioreactors into the future, combining manufacturing knowledge with precision-made glass products, we now have 3 different reactor set-ups which enhances our research team’s flexibility in terms of running independent projects in the future.

Mr.Joe McDonald and Mr.James Chang in front of the Phyco-Lift Reactor.

The Phyco-Pyxis - Internally Illuminated PhotoBioReactor.

We are grateful to have Mr. Joe McDonald, the Managing Director of Varicon Aqua, personally come on-site to supervise the installation process with our technicians.

Varicon Aqua has been a valued technology partner to Geb Impact since the installation of our first reactor system from their Phyco series 2 years ago. We look forward to many more to come.

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