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Geb Impact Technology

We cultivates the rich microalgae organism as a sustainable food source to nourish humanity and bolster the environment. 

Geb Impact Technology Company Limited is a Hong Kong based premium biotechnology company in the business of cultivating selected microalgae. We engineer and design production processes to meet emerging healthy lifestyle market demands.

With our proprietary cultivation and fermentation technology, we produce high-quality microalgae biomass with elevated levels of protein, lipids, vitamins and paramylon fit for human consumption.

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Why E. gracilis?

An attractive sustainable natural resource for applications in food and supplement.

Euglena gracilis is a unicellular microalgae (100% vegan) with versatile nutritional profile:

  • complete protein with all essential amino acids

  • unsaturated fatty acids Omega 3,6

  • immune booster β-1,3 glucan (paramylon)

  • other valuable vitamins and minerals (i.e. iron) deficient in vegan diet

  • no cell wall for easy absorption

  • free of dietary allergens

We aspire to be the premium Alternative Protein and Nutrient Supplier.

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An Enabler of success for Future Food Companies.


Contact Us

Unit 233, Bldg. 12W,

12 Science Park West Ave.,

Hong Kong Science & Technology Park,

Pak Shek Kok, Hong Kong.

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