Geb Impact 甲茵科技有限公司介

Geb Impact Technology Company Limited is a Hong Kong based high technology company. Our core competencies lies in biotechnology and environmental technology. With 50 years of combined advance manufacturing/global management experience, Geb Impact Technology Co. Limited uses a whole new paradigm of utilizing the know-how in precision engineering/manufacturing technology on micro algae production.

  • MissionOpen or Close

    - Promote application of algal bioactive elements such as protein and omega-3 fatty acid
    - Execute Sustainable Green Industrial Concept to accomplish goals of energy saving and carbon reduction

  • Goal & Outcome Open or Close

    Our product will target high value added nutraceuticals, we are the first and only one in Hong Kong in this market. We collaborate with the technology community in Hong Kong to advance the bio/environment industries locally as well as globally. We are dedicated to deliver the finest, enriched algae raw material for efficient downstream processing.

  • FacilitiesOpen or Close

    Our in-house research & development team are young and motivated. With Algal expertise’s support, our team improves our production system everyday to match with the pace as the technology evolves. While working with multiple institutions and partnering with various organizations, with the end goal in mind, our development would be sustainable and benefit to all.