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​​Algae Library

Algae are a diverse group of autotrophic organisms that grow rapidly. Like plants, the majority of algae convert inorganic substances into macro-molecules like carbohydrates, proteins and lipids through the photosynthesis process. With the efficient utilization of light source, atmospheric CO2 and nutrients in the growth process, algae can produce larger quantity of Biomass as compared to plants. In the aquatic food chain, algae are the primary source of nutrients and oxygen. 

With estimates for the number of microalgae species ranging from 30,000 to more than 1 million, the possible applications are infinite. At Geb Impact, our microalgae library contains cultures of Haematococcus Pluvialis, Euglena Gracilis and many other algae strains and species, isolated from all around the globe. We aim to provide high quality algae cultures to meet your Research and Development needs, so that together, we can realize the potential of microalgae.

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